Caspar A R Brace

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“I have painted all my life, although for some inexplicable reason I chose to give up art at school, at the age of 14, to do Latin instead. I didn’t return to art as an outlet for nearly a decade, but since then have continued to paint as a primary expression of my love and awe of nature and life. It is an aspect of me that is unashamedly open about my joy for nature, and the whole of this intricate web we call life as a whole. It begins my own path to the divine, in us and all things.

My first exhibition, in Brighton, England (1994) was part of a group event that took over an old building that was due to be renovated. I sold one of the paintings at that show (which also included a life size sculpture of myself meditating), and also managed to get commissioned by a local man for a triptych, which I sadly never documented. I trust they are alive and well, and together, somewhere in Europe!

I spent some time in the south of France after that, and painted for 2 separate group shows (1999 and 2000), selling most of the works I exhibited in both, although mostly to extended family members! Due to poor self esteem, and huge changes in my personal life, painting took a back seat for the next few years, although I continued to keep hold of my vision of one day breaking into the art world in a more serious, committed and professional manner.

Since falling in love with an Australian (1997) I have moved to Byron Shire, in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales (2002), and to say goodbye to my family and the northern hemi-sphere properly I returned to France, where most of my family live, and painted for my first solo show in London (The Crypt Gallery, Islington, London, April, 2005). My show was called “Gaia…wild at heart” and was a great success for me, since I sold all the pieces, with 10% of all proceeds going to Rainforest Rescue, (who have an office here in Mullumbimby).

Again there followed a period of personal turbulence, partly instigated by the success in London, in which I finally realised certain priorities. I have thus recently entered into a new phase of my life, heralded by me turning 40 in august this year (2007). My partner and I have bought a home in Mullum, and we are to be married in November. We will be starting a family, God willing, after that time, and it is now no longer appropriate or wise for me to deny my artistic desires or capacities. I do not wish to pass on to my own children a fear of expressing either their love and awe of life, or their wisdom!

I am currently painting for my first show in Australia, to be held in Mullum, in the 2nd week of November; I hope you can make it!.

I view the main achievements thus far in my life as to being able to truthfully say that love is still most important to me, above all else, and that I still have a desire and capacity to express that love for life through art that requires patience to create, but that gives me, and some others, pleasure to behold. I can honestly say that I have also kept my vision as an artist alive within me.

I see that now I must sincerely devote time and space to forging my career as an artist and although it may well take many years, it is an ambition to develop as an artist and as a man at one and the same time. I am always inspired by others’ art, although I may not always like it, and I have decided that I am now brave enough to face the many criticisms that come the way of the artist.

I also realise that being an artist is about allowing others to see you, in an intimate way, and although I have reservations as to my capabilities to cope with harsh criticism, I am too overwhelmed by the damage and destruction occurring to this beautiful world not to stand up and join in the fight for its’ protection and celebration, as being valuable intrinsically, not as a resource to plunder ad infinitum.

If you care to read, or listen, to the words of every single human being that has ever ventured into space, they echo all the words of our indigenous brothers, sisters and elders. This world is our home, we only have one; we are just a part of it as are the birds and the trees, the oceans and the mountains. I hold this to be self evident and true, if one cares to observe with humility.

My mission as an artist is to stand up and to be counted. To choose to express myself through ecologically safe woods and paints, to live and learn continually about the rythym of life and to learn the Lore, as spoken by those who remember who we are and where we come from. Thank you for honouring and celebrating my choice to become the artist I have always dreamed of being.

I honour our ancestors, and especially those who have walked this land before me, the Bundjalung Nation. Through the Mother, and the Father. Caspar A R Brace 2nd October 2007 “